What is SD-WAN?

Breaking down Netsweeper’s SD-WAN

SD-WAN, short for software-defined wide area network, is a type of networking technology that uses software-defined networking to manage and optimise the performance of wide area networks (WANs). 


SD-WAN enables clusters and Multi-Acadmey Trusts (MATs) to securely connect users, applications and data across multiple locations while ensuring improved performance, reliability and scalability. SD-WAN also simplifies management by providing centralised control and visibility over the entire network. This allows your IT team to create rules and policies and then deploy them across an entire network at one time.

How does SD-WAN work?

SD-WAN is a dynamic and versatile service that enables you to extend your school network over a large geographical distance. SD-WAN works across any connection, including; multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), wireless, broadband, virtual private networks (VPN) and school internet to give users across multiple schools access to applications, services and cloud resources. SD-WAN also monitors the performance of WAN connections and manages traffic to maintain high speeds and optimise connectivity. Ensuring each school has a reliable school internet connection.

SD-WAN with Netsweeper

Our preferred solution at Coconnect is SD-WAN with Netsweeper. Not only will you benefit from centralised management, secure connectivity, application optimisation and cost-saving, but with Netsweeper filtering you can rest assured your school will be protected from harmful content and evolving cyber threats.

Netsweeper’s filtering solution is fully compliant with KCSIE, Prevent Duty and Internet Watch Standards, shielding students with industry-leading school web filtering. The solution also filters down to a device level, meaning any remote or personal devices on your network are covered too, such as tablets.

For premium filtering, Onguard, Netsweeper’s latest filtering product, is your go to. It actively monitors all activity on supported devices and identifies actions taken by students that could indicate or lead to potential risks to student wellbeing. This includes visual risks, such as images, rather than traditional web search which is covered by Netsweeper, as a basic.

School Broadband Solutions for you

Coconnect are your school’s first line of defence in online safety. We provide schools and trusts all over the UK with the very best bespoke school broadband, digital safeguarding and security solutions. This means your students stay safe while they surf the web.

Our super school web filtering, monitoring, school firewalls and anti-virus solutions keep your school safe too. Plus it’s all fully compliant with KCSIEPrevent Duty and Internet Watch Foundation standards.

Just get in touch if you’d like to find out more about how we can help you with your school or trust’s connectivity or digital safeguarding.

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