Hosted Voice (VoIP)

Reduce phone bills and improve communication across your school or trust with a Hosted Voice (VoIP) system.

What is Hosted Voice (VoIP)?

Hosted Voice, – or Voice Over IP (VoIP), - is a type of phone-based communication system that routes voice calls through an internet connection rather than a traditional phone line.

Users can make the same calls to the same numbers but with more capabilities, customisation and flexibility – and at much lower monthly costs.

Why choose a Hosted Voice (VoIP) System?

  • Checkmark iconSave money – Make calls over an internet connection you’re already paying for and remove the need for costly phone lines.
  • Checkmark iconNever miss a call - Use the same number across office handsets, mobiles, laptops and desktop PCs to make and take calls from anywhere.
  • Checkmark iconMaintain business continuity - Automatically re-route calls from one location to another and take voicemail on busy lines to maintain consistency for parents.
  • Checkmark iconStreamline internal communication - Gain full visibility of staff availability and share screens across connected devices for more efficient communication and collaboration.

Get ready for flexible working

Hosted Voice will help you capitalise on the rise of flexible working.

Staff are free to move between locations without needing additional handsets and separate numbers – calls are made and received through a single number on whatever connected device is most convenient.

Simple integration with your existing IT infrastructure allows your systems to work in harmony, while a web-based dashboard gives you the freedom to add new users or make changes from anywhere.

Why choose Coconnect for Hosted Voice (VoIP)?

We’re committed to making Hosted Voice simple for your school , and to finding a solution that fits your needs perfectly. From keeping your own number to mixing and matching different handsets, everything is flexible.

Monthly costs are determined by several factors – such as the number of users and the handsets you choose. We also offer a range of Bolt-On features to help you get the most from your system, including unlimited calls packages.

Choose your plan


  • Hosted Managed VoIP system
  • Voicemail, Softphone, instant messaging and presence (MiCollab) included
  • £5 per month/per user

Business Plus

  • Hosted Managed VoIP system
  • Voicemail, Softphone, instant messaging and presence (MiCollab) included
  • Assign any phone as your answering point
  • Twin to ring fixed & mobile phones with midcall hand-off
  • £5.63 per month/per user


  • Skype for Business Bolt-on £1.88 per month - Only available with Business plus
  • Unlimited national, local and mobile minutes for £4.38 per month/per user
  • Mitel handsets from £2.63 per month/per handset
  • On-site installation priced per install

Choose your handsets

Mitel 5312

Mitel 5312

Mitel’s 5312 IP Phone is a cross-functional applications telephone that provides a two-line viewing area for features and caller identification.

With 12 programmable buttons, users can fulfil their needs for hands-free conferencing, call recording, caller log-ins, navigational keys, hearing aid compatibility, as well as customisable user settings.

MiVoice 5340e

MiVoice 5340e

Packed full of features, the MiVoice 5340e IP is an enterprise-grade phone designed with productivity applications, programmable keys and an immense backlit display.

With thirteen fixed-function keys, advantageous one-touch access, as well as speed dial and feature access keys, the MiVoice 5340e IP phone is ideal for schools that require conferencing and easy navigation for emergency services and multiple callers.

MiVoice 6920

MiVoice 6920

The MiVoice 6920 IP is for the enterprise user that requires an adaptable modern design with a flexible communications experience.

Providing an excellent HD audio experience, the MiVoice 6920 IP delivers an optimised speakerphone and versatile support for USB and analogue handsets.

MiVoice 6930

MiVoice 6930

The MiVoice 6930 IP Phone is a powerful IP phone designed for the demanding school user.

Perfect for those that require continuous daily use, the 6930 IP Phone is customisable for all specific communication needs.

Discover an unprecedented HD audio experience with speech optimised headsets, full-duplex speakerphones and Bluetooth, USB and Analog handsets support.

MiVoice 6940

MiVoice 6940

Mitel’s sports-car IP phone for power heavy users that want the most advanced, adaptable communication available. With flagship functionality, the MiVoice 6940 IP Phone flawlessly integrates mobile devices.

Your mobile phone call audio is unified with your contact information, contacts are automatically synchronized so that access is more easily accessible from both devices, and mobile phone calls can be directly answered from the MiVoice 6940.

With a 7-inch LCD display, Bluetooth embedded 4.1 and over 70 programmable keys that lets you configure the 6940 to parallel your work routine, the MiVoice 6940 is the ideal communication device for the hectic, communication-heavy schools.

Mitel UC360

Mitel UC360

Mitel’s UC360 Conference Unit is a flexible Video Phone collaboration device that unites schools with an affordable all-in-one collaboration solution that benefits schools with a variety of capabilities, such as first-rate audio performance, superb video and audio conferencing, and multimedia collaboration.

Choose your contract length

Hosted voice is available on 12 and 36-month contracts

Expert install and support

A team of dedicated professionals will ensure you get the most out of our Hosted Voice service, from installation and configuration through to everyday usage.

Once on-site installation is complete you’ll receive basic training on how to use and manage your system.

Front-line support is then provided by our UK-based customer service team, who will be ready to provide day-to-day advice and assistance, while our local engineers will handle any issues that can’t be solved remotely.

Frequently Asked Questions


A team of dedicated professionals will ensure you to get the most out of our Hosted Voice service. Front-line support is provided by our UK based customer service team. They’re on hand for day-to-day advice and assistance. For a fast response to issues on the ground, our local engineers are ready to handle volumes and systems of all sizes, including Mitel, Avaya and Microsoft.

Co-ordinating operations and providing the very latest knowledge in VoIP and Hosted Voice is the Engineering Centre of Excellence, our technology hub for sales support, provisioning and solution management. This multi-layered team is here to ensure your solution works seamlessly and reduce your management resource through collaborative partnership. The team’s continuous accreditations in Microsoft Lync and Mitel Unified Communications back our specialist understanding of PBX solutions and unified messaging.

Contract and Lead Times

Hosted Voice is available on 12 or 36 month contracts.

Lead times vary depending on how complex getting your connectivity up and running is, eg. broadband and transferring numbers from your current Service Provider may take a little longer.


Basic training is delivered as part of the customer deployment. Your project is fully managed from beginning to completion by your Project Co-Ordinator. Customer configuration is managed using the self-service online portal.

Can I keep my existing numbers?

Yes, you can port your numbers from other Service Providers to the Hosted Voice Solution, where we have a flexible porting agreement in place.

Why does my company need to be registered with Royal Mail?

Yes, all Service Providers have a legal obligation to ensure that your company address details are accurate as it is used by the Police, Fire and Ambulance services.

Can I choose different handsets?

Yes, you can choose any combination of handsets or softphone applications to suit your business.

Questions? We’re here to help.

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