Remote Network and Device Management

Remote Network and Device Management powered by Senso

Designed to streamline and power up the centralised management, monitoring and support of your devices, whether across 1 or 1000 sites, senso offers rapid, real-time remote monitoring of devices, deep management and control of devices for consistent network management, insightful and proactive safeguarding and filtering of users, as well as engaging and interactive tools to enhance learning through technology.

Senso is the only truly cloud based solution of it’s time, ensuring you can deliver meaningful results no matter where you or your users are connecting from.

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Senso Asset Cloud, Network Cloud and Enterprise Cloud

Asset Cloud – £2.00 per device annually

Bringing a full 360° view of how your hardware and software is being used across your estate. Enabling better decisions on upgrades and renewals with key metrics that will allow budgets to be focused in the areas most required.

Network Cloud – £2.50 per device annually

Provides IT teams with a comprehensive suite of network administration tools. Senso device management software reports on the status of your machines, including hardware, software and device activity.
Safeguard Cloud

Protect users using school-owned devices whether they are in school or learning from home, by proactively monitoring and indicating to relevant staff, users who may be vulnerable or at risk, users who may pose a risk to others and inappropriate, off-task or harmful behaviour.

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Senso Class Cloud, Enterprise Cloud and Senso for Teams

Class Cloud – £2.50 per device annually

With Senso Classroom Management Software, teach from anywhere in the world! Don’t be tied down to a desk when monitoring your student’s behaviour. Include students in the lesson even if they are at home and access the latest and greatest teaching tools with Senso.

Enterprise Cloud – £5.50 per device annually

Provides seamless classroom, network and safeguarding management for your entire school’s device estate. Features all elements from Essential tools, Class Cloud, Network Cloud and Safeguard Cloud.

Senso for Teams – £1.00 per device annually

Senso’s safeguarding cloud software unobtrusively integrates with Microsoft Teams’ chat, giving safe guarder’s access to alerts through the Teams app within the safeguarding logs within the Senso platform.

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Already a Coconnect School?

If you are a Coconnect customer and don’t already use Senso you could be eligible to get Senso Essentials Bundle free of charge for 1 year.

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We’re a broadband provider that specialises in supplying top notch internet to schools all over the UK. But broadband is just the tip of the Coconnect iceberg! Our safeguarding, security anti-virus, firewalls and cloud services are also available to keep your school running like a well-oiled machine.

So if you fancy checking out what we can do for your school, just fill in your details and we’ll get back to you!

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