Fast connections – faster installation

We’ve removed the hassle from changing internet providers so you can start reaping the rewards of faster, more reliable connectivity sooner than you might think.

Once you’ve decided to switch, you can leave us to do the hard work. Your dedicated account manager will ensure you’re getting exactly what you need, and a migration team will make the transition to our network seamless.

The Kick off

We will arrange a kick-off call with yourselves to introduce your dedicated installation engineer and review, timeframes, your network, initial filtering setup, any special requirements or requests and site priority for installations.

Dedicated installation engineer

Coconnect work with you every step of the way through your migration to your new connection. Your dedicated installation engineer, who alongside your account manager will manage the delivery of your new connection and chosen filtering deployment.

Before the switch starts

We will setup everything ahead of your new connection going live to ensure that when the switch happens, it will go as smoothly as possible. Before your go-live date, you will get delivery of your brand new router, your installation engineer will provide you with full instructions on how to connect the hardware to your network and your new connection, final testing will then be completed.

Prearranged Go-Live

On your prearranged go-live date, your installation engineer will work with you to perform any additional testing needed on your schools network, some minor changes will need to be made to your server and wireless network, but apart from that your switch-over should only take a few minutes.

Those first couple of days

After your successful migration the school will be fully up and running, you will then be introduced to your enhanced support engineer who will look after you and your school for the first couple of days. This engineer will monitor your new connection and filtering solution closely, action any changes you might need within a matter of minutes and send our user acceptance form.

The last step

After your first couple of days on your new connection, your account manager will contact you, make sure that everything has gone well before letting our support desk take over operations of your new connection and filtering solution.

Coconnect Project Management Portal

Our project management portal for multi site orders gives everyone clear visibility of requirements and progress during the onboarding phase. Customers have a dedicated login where they can see progress, next steps, assign tasks, work on their assigned tasks and communicate directly with the installation team.

Martin Robson

Cumbria Education Trust

"Knowledgeable, friendly, pro-active and always ready to help, with an understanding of the particular needs of education, Coconnect have provided a stable safe infrastructure which we can rely on!"

Stuart Pearce

Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School

"Service and support great and quick even during lockdowns etc.  Much better than the previous provider.  Staff and students seem happy with the faster speed of the network and filtering and less complaints about pages getting blocked."

Network Manager

Birmingham based MAC

"Cheers for your help and prompt response as always, you guys are fantastic"

Network Manager

Secondary School Essex

"Very fast resolution. Excellent service. Many Thanks."

Network Manager

Secondary School Hampshire

"Good reliable service that was not matched by the County Council Service"

Ian Clark

St Andrews High School

"I would like to pass on massive thank you to yourself and the team for the new line for my client at St Andrews High in Worthing. They are very happy with how the new line was changed over without any issue. Especially the added support to advise on the reconfiguration of the external DNS and Smoothwall."

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