Who are Smoothwall

Smoothwall is a leading digital safeguarding provider in UK education. Over 10,000 schools, colleges and multi-academy trusts (MATs) depend on Smoothwall technologies to keep their students safe and their education organisations compliant.

CoConnect work with Smoothwall to provide monitoring and filtering with unparalleled safeguarding, reporting and security features that allow you to get most from your internet connection without hindering teaching or learning.

Smoothwall Monitor

Proactive monitoring works in real-time to alert safeguarding teams to risks as they happen. Helps prevent online risks becoming real-life incidents.

  • Real-time proactive monitoring
    Captures user activity as it happens, automatically sending potential risks through to the monitor portal.
  • Online and offline monitoring
    Captures activity that may indicate risk, even outside of the regular web browser such as in a Word Document, Messaging app, or encrypted “dark web” browser.
  • Auto pre-grading
    Smoothwall’s 24/7 in-house team of moderators review captures to minmise false positives and contact you by phone for any urgent risks.
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Smoothwall are offering every school in the UK 30 days of free
Smoothwall Monitor. For more information, please click here.

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Smoothwall Filter

Smoothwall Filter is the safest, most purchased filter in UK Education. It is the only filter to deliver against the 4 factors needed for maximum safety and rich, age-appropriate online learning.

  • Real-time filtering
    While other filters are real-time some of the time, Smoothwall is real-time, all of the time. That means there is never any delay between dangerous content going live and Smoothwall’s Filter’s ability to block it.
  • True content analysis
    Smoothwall don’t rely on blocklists alone. All content is textually analysed as it streams to the user so over blocking is eliminated. Students enjoy the richest and safest online learning.
  • Granular control
    Granular controls mean our IT customers can easily choose who sees what, where and when, to give students maximum protection AND age and location appropriate online experiences.
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Smoothwall Firewall

Complete all-in-one protection package with all the features and benefits of Smoothwall’s market-leading Smoothwall filter.

Smoothwall Record Manager

Easily record child protection issues and safeguarding incidents electronically without the need for traditional daybooks or CP files.

Smoothwall Digital Safety Training

Stay up to date with all the latest digital safety risks with a range of CPD certified digital safety training sessions for schools and colleges across the UK.

Smoothwall resources

The complete guide to: Active and Proactive Monitoring

What is it? How do you implement it? Why does Ofsted require it?

Essential reading for: DSLs, Headteachers, Governors and anyone responsible for student safety in UK education.

Martin Robson

Cumbria Education Trust

"Knowledgeable, friendly, pro-active and always ready to help, with an understanding of the particular needs of education, Coconnect have provided a stable safe infrastructure which we can rely on!"

Stuart Pearce

Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School

"Service and support great and quick even during lockdowns etc.  Much better than the previous provider.  Staff and students seem happy with the faster speed of the network and filtering and less complaints about pages getting blocked."

Network Manager

Birmingham based MAC

"Cheers for your help and prompt response as always, you guys are fantastic"

Network Manager

Secondary School Essex

"Very fast resolution. Excellent service. Many Thanks."

Network Manager

Secondary School Hampshire

"Good reliable service that was not matched by the County Council Service"

Ian Clark

St Andrews High School

"I would like to pass on massive thank you to yourself and the team for the new line for my client at St Andrews High in Worthing. They are very happy with how the new line was changed over without any issue. Especially the added support to advise on the reconfiguration of the external DNS and Smoothwall."

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