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Coconnect can provide scalable on-demand cloud solutions to help schools on their cloud journey.

on-demand cloud services for Schools and MATs

The importance of cloud solutions for school IT is growing; Coconnect can provide cloud services for Schools and MATs that are easily scalable on-demand, whether that 1 site or 1,000 sites.
We have a range of cloud services tailored to the school’s needs and are proactively supported to ensure the quality and reliability of our services.

We can provide a fully managed VoIP Phone system, Remote Network and Device Management, Office 365 backup, Cloud Servers, Cloud Storage and Wi-fi6 (802.11ax).

scalable on-demand cloud services for schools

Fully Managed VoIP Phone System powered by 3CX

By working with 3CX, Coconnect can provide your school or trust with a flexible, reliable and cost-effective VoIP phone system. A VoIP phone system works similarly to a traditional phone system, except calls are routed through an internet connection, only needing a broadband line, therefore, reducing costs.

3CX Gold Partner

Cloud Servers and Storage

Coconnect can offer a range of powerful cloud servers for your school or trust. Built on our hyper converged infrastructure with all flash storage, up to 100Gb networking, and on demand scaling.

Coconnect Cloud Storage offers all the benefits of standard cloud backup services, but with a higher level of security and privacy to ensure that operations and sensitive data are not accessible to third-parties.

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coconnect servers and storage

Office 365 Cloud backup

Coconnect is partners Barracuda. A Cloud-to-cloud Microsoft Office 365 backup providerProviding Schools and Trusts with unlimited backup and retention. Office 365 is secured in the cloud, allowing a good backup and quick recovery when a ransomware attack or accidental deletion occurs.

Microsoft recommends third-party backup for Office 365 data. Coconnect will offer a cloud-to-cloud solution that Is flexible, scalable, and cost-effective. With students free and ‘FTEs’ costing £1.46 a month. The cloud-to-cloud backup solution is flexible, easily scalable to fit your needs, and cost-effective for schools.

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Office 365 Cloud Backup Services

Remote Device and Network Management

Coconnect is partners with Senso to provide a remote device and network management cloud-based solution. Senso offers rapid, real-time remote monitoring of devices, deep management and control of devices for consistent network management. Whether across 1 or 1,000 users, it is easily scalable.

safeguarding and security filtering services

Cloud-Wifi6 (802.11ax)

Our fully managed Cloud WiFi6 service includes the design, deployment and support of your WIFI network. We only use the latest in wireless technologies to deliver an ultrafast, reliable and scalable wireless infrastructure. All remotely monitored and managed by you, us or your EdTech support provider.

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Cloud-Wifi6 (802.11ax)

How Can We Help?

We’re a broadband provider that specialises in supplying top notch internet to schools all over the UK. But broadband is just the tip of the Coconnect iceberg! Our safeguarding, security anti-virus, firewalls and cloud services are also available to keep your school running like a well-oiled machine.

So if you fancy checking out what we can do for your school, just fill in your details and we’ll get back to you!

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