School internet safety do’s and don’ts.

School internet safety – how to protect your pupils and school.

At the start of the school year, school internet safety is on the top of everyone’s mind. Coconnect is a specialist provider of digital safeguarding systems to help schools understand the best practice for the new academic year.

School internet safety

Best practice for school internet safety?

Annual review of Online Safety Policies.

First and foremost, it is a legal requirement for schools to have an online safety policy in place. Schools should adhere to and communicate online safety policies to the students and staff.

To ensure these policies are up to date, an annual review at the minimum to keep them with the present landscape and that the policies are readily available for staff, students and parents. 

Whole School Approach.

Adopting a whole school approach to internet safety and creating a safe online culture is essential. Staff should be trained and taught how to communicate this with students; staff should communicate what is good practice and bad practice when using the school internet to students, and the school should communicate with parents to gain an understanding when students are working from home or using personal devices out of school hours.

School Web Filtering and Digital Monitoring.

A part of school internet safety is the legal requirement to implement an appropriate school internet filtering and digital monitoring system. 

We have produced a few helpful blogs to assist in understanding web filtering and digital monitoring: 

Imperatives to School Web-Filtering > School Broadband Filtering • Why is a reliable service vital?

What is appropriate filtering and monitoring? > What is Appropriate Filtering and Monitoring?

Cyber security.

An essential tool in school internet safety is cybersecurity. Schools and Trusts hold sensitive data, including staff and pupil records. This data needs to be protected from Cyberattackers; to ensure schools are protected by cyber security software such as Anti-virus and Firewalls, to name a few. 

Watch our video below to understand the best practice to protect your school. 

Cyber Security is an essential tool in safeguarding children

Protect passwords and multi-authenticator.

A simple tool to improve School internet safety and protect your school from cyberattacks trying to obtain passwords is to create a multi-authenticator log-in, which requires all staff to approve log-ins that are out of the ordinary and for any information that is restricted access to ensure personal records are safe.

We recommend all staff and students follow the guide below to create a strong password and use the second link. 

Create and use strong passwords.

How Secure Is My Password? | Password Strength Checker

Communication with Parents and Stakeholders.

To reinforce School Internet Safety, Schools should communicate with parents and stakeholders to adopt a whole school approach to the matter. It is as vital as ever in the current landscape, with home learning and BYOD becoming more widely accepted across all Schools and Trusts. Therefore, Parents and Stakeholders should be aware of what they need to watch out for and monitor while students work from home to safeguard them from online risks. 


To implement school internet safety, we recommend following the tips above, as the school must protect students from harm. 

If your school is looking to install school web-filtering, anti-virus, or a school firewall to increase protection for your school’s internet, Get in touch; we would happily have an honest conversation as a supplier of these services; alternatively, book a call.

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