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What services can a School Broadband Provider provide?

Coconnect is a specialist provider of School Broadband, but what exactly is a School Broadband provider and what other services can we provide?

School broadband provider

What is a School Broadband Provider?

A School Broadband provider does what it says on the tin, it provides broadband tailored to Schools. You might wonder why a School or Trust would not procure through a regular broadband provider like BT, Virgin or Sky. That is because Schools need specialist support and expertise to ensure your school is getting a tailored solution and downtime is limited with SLAs that ensure quick action on all level issues. In addition, Schools decide to procure broadband through a specialist because of the school web- filtering and security solutions we can provide alongside your school broadband, which non-specialists can’t provide.

What solutions can a School Broadband Provider provide?

School Broadband

A School Broadband provider’s core service is broadband tailored to Schools. A provider will offer a capacity, SLAs and connectivity type that fit a school’s needs. The DFE recommends Schools move to a full fibre line as soon as possible.

Please find out more of the changes to the recommendations in our blog here.

School Web-Filtering

A School Broadband provider’s secondary core service is web filtering. School web filtering removes harmful and inappropriate content by blocking web pages and URLs from students. It is often provided with connectivity, but most providers can provide web-filtering on their own.

Please find out why Schools should not compromise on Web-Filtering here.


Schools need internet which is safe from cyberattacks to protect the personal data they hold, ensuring that it is covered; School Broadband Providers will provide anti-virus and firewalls to protect your school while staff and students surf the internet.

Please find out more here.

VoIP Phone System for Schools

In 2025, BT will switch off traditional IDSN and PTSN phone lines and move live to a full-fibre line. Schools are migrating phone lines to the same line as their broadband connectivity and installing VoIP Phone Systems, a cloud-based phone system that uses internet connectivity to make calls. School Broadband providers can provide a VoIP Phone System and migrate schools to a network with the capacity for both phone lines and internet.

Please find out more here.

Additional Services

Digital Proactive Monitoring

Digital proactive monitoring proactively monitors students’ online behaviour and will alert schools when there is a risk to a student’s life. (e.g. a student searching for suicide methods, the system will pick up on that and alert the DSL or authority). Digital proactive monitoring solutions often are complimentary to providers’ web filtering systems.

Please find out more about Digital Proactive Monitoring here.

Cloud Services

Cloud services a School Broadband provider might vary from provider to provider due to partnerships they make in the industry. At Coconnect, we can provide cloud office 365 backup, remote network and device management and cloud servers and storage.

Find out more here.

What questions should you ask your School Broadband provider?

Here are some examples of questions you should ask a School Broadband provider about their core services:

  • What is your Uptime?
  • What are your SLAs?
  • What are the contract lengths?
  • Does the network have a scalable on-demand capacity?
  • How is the network protected?
  • What web-filtering solutions do you provide?
  • Are the web filters policies customisable?
  • Is the web-filtering system compliant with KCSIE, Prevent Duty, Internet Watch and national standards?
  • How does a VoIP Phone system affect internet connection?
  • Can the VoIP Phone System be easily scalable?


In summary, it is always best to procure broadband for schools through a specialist provider due to the extent of their expertise and knowledge. It would also be worthwhile procuring other services through a school broadband provider, so your school benefits from having all services aligned to one supplier.

Why Coconnect?

  • Coconnect can provide safe, secure and reliable broadband tailored to each school’s specific needs while providing 99.95% uptime.
  • Our Schools are proactively supported; We often fix and resolve issues before you see them and when issues occur, we have market-leading SLAs to reduce downtime.
  • We provide industry-leading KCSIE and Prevent Duty Web-filtering in partnership with Netsweeper and Smoothwall.
  • Our pre-defined filtering policies we have built over time ensure quick system implementation and a good starting point for schools to customise policies.
  • Coconnect is Cyber Essential Plus certified and provides enterprise-level anti-virus and firewalls.
  •  In addition, we can provide a Scalable on-demand VoIP Phone system in partnership with 3CX.
  • Additional services include Remote Network and Device Management, Digital Proactive Monitoring, Office 365 backup and cloud servers and storage.

Please get in touch we are happy to have an honest conversation about your schools needs.

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