School broadband guide

School broadband can be confusing, with many different things Schools and Multi-Academy Trusts need to consider when finding the solution that best fits their requirements. As Coconnect specialises in providing Broadband and Cloud Managed Services to Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, and Multi-Academy Trusts, we felt it was a good idea to produce a school broadband guide

Download now to learn everything about School Broadband, including:

  • Why speed and reliability are important for Schools and Trust
  • What features a quality broadband system will have
  • What questions Governors should be asking when deciding on a broadband provider
  • Technology and Services to consider

Essential reading for Governors, Trustees, Headteachers, Network/IT Managers and anyone responsible for their Schools Broadband in UK Education

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    Online Safeguarding Guide

    Coconnect have also published an Online Safeguarding guides for schools.

    Download now to learn everything about the best practice and when schools should be concerned in key areas of online Safeguarding, including:

    • Online Safety Policies
    • Filtering and Monitoring
    • Online Safeguarding Education
    • Cyber-Security and Data protection

    Please find out more here.

    Why Coconnect?

    • Coconnect can provide a safe, secure, and reliable connection that meets the new DFE recommendations.
    • Industry-leading broadband filtering and safeguarding solution in partnership with Smoothwall, Netsweeper and Senso.
    • Additional cloud services include managed VoIP phone systems, remote devices, network management, office 365 backup, etc., creating a full cloud IT strategy.
    • Market-leading SLAs and support from a team of expert engineers

    If you are looking at new broadband providers or safeguarding and cloud services, get in touch or book a call; we would be happy to have an honest discussion.

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