Safeguarding and security for schools

Keep your students safe while they surf the web! Our safeguarding solutions for Schools and MATs ensure your children have the freedom to learn online safely.

web filtering

Keep your students safe while they surf the internet with our web filtering! It’s essential for children to be protected from harmful content, so we need to do our best to prevent them stumbling across something inappropriate online. But it’s impossible for schools to do this manually in real tine. This is where web filtering comes in!

We work with Netsweeper and Smoothwall to provide super web filtering that complies with KCSIE, Prevent Duty and Internet Watch. By filtering out all the nasty stuff, you’re able to provide a safe learning environment for your students to learn.

  • Shield your students from harm with our industry-leading web filtering
  • Fully compliant with KCSIE, Prevent Duty and Internet Watch standards
  • Filter right down to a device level, so any remote or personal devices on your network are covered too!
  • Different options to suit all requirements and budgets
netsweeper logoSmoothwall Web Filtering

proactive monitoring

We work with Netsweeper and Senso to bring proactive monitoring that gives you the confidence your students’ online behaviours are being monitored and categorised in real time!

You’ll get alerts when a student becomes at high risk of harm to themselves or others, so you can act straight away.

  • Add another level of safeguarding for your students with our proactive monitoring
  • React quickly to any threats to a students’ welfare
  • Get an even safer internet experience with Netsweeper’s onGuard!
  • Different options to suit all requirements and budgets
netsweeper logosenso remote monitoring logo

Anti-virus protection

Our antivirus tackles both new and emerging malicious threats to your devices, helping your school stay safe! It can prevent, scan and detect threats (such as worms, trojans, adware, malware and spam), then remove, block and flag them.

The security threats we face are ever changing, and can cause harm to your school’s internet security and devices by corrupting, deleting and even stealing data.

  • Industry leading antivirus software from ESET
  • Easy to install and use with automatic updates
  • Protects against phishing, ransomware, malware and more!
  • Covers your computers, devices and servers
eset logo

Firewall Security

We’ve partnered with Fortinet to bring the very best firewall solutions to schools! Fortinet monitors incoming and outgoing traffic on your network, and blocks any unauthorised access keeping your school secure.

You’ll get industry-leading enterprise security, with ultra-fast security, end to end real-time defence, excellent user experience and operational efficiency with automated workflows.

  • Prevent unauthorised access to your network with Fortinet’s firewall solutions
  • Get ultra-fast security and real-time defence
  • Fortinet is the #1 ranked solution for firewalls
  • Protect multiple school sites with their own individual FortiGate devices

How Can We Help?

We’re a broadband provider that specialises in supplying top notch internet to schools all over the UK. But broadband is just the tip of the Coconnect iceberg! Our safeguarding, security anti-virus, firewalls and cloud services are also available to keep your school running like a well-oiled machine.

So if you fancy checking out what we can do for your school, just fill in your details and we’ll get back to you!

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