Coconnect Broadband for Primary Schools

Safe, Reliable, Easy to manage broadband for Primary Education


The Broadband only package is fully supported “wires only” broadband with optional protection against viruses, malware and enhanced privacy. Ideal for smaller schools with existing filtering systems it provides everything required in a simple package.

Coconnect private cloud is a managed Cloud broadband service, offering speeds up to 10Gbps it includes Netsweeper or Smoothwall firewall and filtering services, Senso device management and optional ESET endpoint. Additional Cloud based services such as VoIP telephony, Cloud Storage. Remote Desktops and servers can be added to create a complete fully managed Cloud based IT system that grows with your requirements

Safeguarding, filtering and security

Coconnect offers filtering and security from the industry leaders, Smoothwall, Netsweeper, SENSO and ESET. Developed to comply with the Keeping Children Safe in School, Internet Watch, Prevent Duty and national standards these systems give protection down to device level, including BYOD; they provide global filtering and allow control and reporting down to individual device level as well as enforcing network level controls.

Installation setup and support

Changing broadband provider can be frustrating and slow. Coconnect has a dedicated account manager and migration team plus a project management portal that you can access directly to make your transfer as smooth and simple as possible.

Connect Cloud for Primary Schools

Broadband Only Coconnect Private Cloud
Ideal for Single Schools and small MATs
Primary Single school, up to 1500 pupils
Connection technology Superfast (FTTC), Superfast+ (EoFTTC), Ultrafast (FTTP) Superfast+ (EoFTTC), Ultrafast (FTTP), Leased Line
Speed Superfast and Superfast+ up to 80Mbps, Ultrafast up to 1Gbps Superfast+ up to 80Mbps, Ultrafast up to 1Gbps, Leased line up to 10Gbps
Speed guarantee (1:1) Superfast+ up to 20Mbps Superfast+ up to 20Mbps, Leased Line up to 1Gbps
Phone required? Yes Superfast and Superfast+ Yes Superfast and Superfast+
Expandable On Demand Not Available
Availability/SLA guaranteed Superfast - 24 hours, Superfast+ - 7 hours, Ultrafast 24 hours Superfast+ - 7 hours, Ultrafast 24 hours, Leased line 4 hours
Filtering No, Connection only Cloud based, on site available as a cost option
QOS guarantees Not Available
Remote Device Filtering Not Available
Content filtering service Connection Only Netsweeper or Smoothwall
Smoothwall Features
  • Perimeter and internal firewalls
  • Layer 7 application control
  • Intrusion prevention and detection
  • Bandwidth management
  • VPN facility
  • Link and load balancing
Netsweeper Features
  • Real time content analysis
  • Layer 7 application control
  • Intrusion prevention and detection
  • BYOD control including guests
  • Social media controls
  • Block access to phishing and malware sites
  • Netsweeper requires the use of a separate firewall. Coconnect uses Juniper firewalls providing perimeter and internal firewall protection with 7 layer application control
Network and Device Management Not Available Senso Coconnect Bundle first year free
SENSO Features
  • Cloud based, real time
  • Simple, browser based setup
  • Scalable and resilient
  • Unprecedented safeguarding facilities based on keyword lists.
  • Developed with KCSiE and IWF
Antivirus ESET Optional ESET Optional
ESET Features
  • Comprehensive protection for Windows, Mac, Android and Linux
  • Ransomware and Malware protection
  • Privacy and password protection
  • Comprehensive protection for Windows, Mac, Android and Linux
  • Ransomware and Malware protection
  • Privacy and password protection
Network redundancy Not Available Option
All flash storage Not Available Senso Coconnect Bundle first year free
Network and Device Management Not Available
Optional Additional facilities Connection only VoIP, managed WIFI, Cloud Storage. Cloud Desktop, Cloud Server
Dedicated account manager
Support service Coconnect Circuit Support Coconnect Premium Support (Circuit, Filtering and Firewall, plus any additional services support)
Contract length 1/3/5 years 3/5 years

Coconnect provide a complete service from pre-sales & technical support. Services is always speedy and technical support team have an incredible wealth of knowledge.

William O'Reilly

Lumen Christi MAC

"When our old provider closed down with very short notice, Coconnect pulled out all the stops to make sure we were up and running on a brand new connection with an on-site filter with zero downtime. They listened to what we needed, and provided expert advice, customer service, and after sales support.  They’re absolutely brilliant and I would recommend them every time."

Rich Sayles

Newman School

"Knowledgeable, friendly, pro-active and always ready to help, with an understanding of the particular needs of education, Coconnect have provided a stable safe infrastructure which we can rely on."

Martin Robson

Cumbria Education Trust

"We are moving all of our broadband from local county council to Coconnect, but to date I could not be happier. Our account is managed by one of the directors; he is proactive, helpful, and always available to answer any of my questions whenever I call/email. We are transitioning 8 schools and seem to be on track to complete as planned! I would not hesitate in recommending them to other schools."

Lisa Alderson

Berlesduna Multi Academy Trust

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Whether you are looking for high speed connectivity, a custom private Cloud or simply a new internet package that better suits your specific requirements. Coconnect delivers a solid, reliable, safe solution designed to suit you and your budget.