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How long will my new connection take to install?

Depending on the type of line being installed, installation times will vary. 

  • FTTC – 10-15 working days
  • FTTP & G.Fast – 10-15 working days
  • EoFTTC – 10-30 working days
  • Leased Lines – 30-65 working days
  • Point to Point – 30-65 working days

Leased lines and point to point connections are subject to survey and are potentially subject to excess construction charges, please speak to Coconnect sales for further information

Why am I getting student filtering or another group when I'm a member of staff?

There a number of issues that could be causing this, normally restarting your device will resolve this issue, if the issue persists please contact the Coconnect support desk.

How do I install the Smoothwall security certificate for BYOD or guest devices?

To install the Smoothwall security certificate you will need to go to


this page will contain instructions for a number of device types such as iOS or Android.

For each school/trust the Smoothwall URL will be different, please speak to your internal IT team or confirm with the Coconnect support desk

I'm getting a Smoothwall login prompt when I try to access the internet

Your system or network time may be out of sync, please ensure your Domain controller is sync’d to external time source or directly to the Smoothwall you are authenticating against.

If you require further assistance, please contact the Coconnect Support desk.

Smoothwall SSL VPN client software connects, but doesn't allow access
This issue is usually caused by the user account that you’re using not being authorised to use the VPN, or another cause may be the way your are accessing a device or resource through the VPN as it may not be permitted.
If you require further assistance please contact the support desk.
A single user has lost access to one or more previously available websites
The background logon script may have failed, this may happen occassionaly. Log off and back on or restart the computer to restart the script.
The computer is not a member of the domain. This will require additional configuration, please contact your IT team or the Coconnect support desk for further assitance.
Mitel Phone asking for Teleworker password
The phone needs to be reset and linked back to the Mitel HUC system, please contact the Coconnect Support desk for the correct method for your Mitel Handset.


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