Remote device management

Remote device management for your school’s network.

Remote device management protects the users using devices remotely on your network as if they’re right in front of you!

Mobile devices give us the freedom and flexibility to work wherever and whenever. When Covid-19 hit, schools and trusts were suddenly pushed into adopting remote learning so students could continue learning from home. They had to adapt quickly, arranging devices for students to use at home and teachers switching to hosting online classes.

Remote device management

Even though students are back to learning in the classroom, the need to have devices, connectivity and processes in place for remote learning is still a top priority for many. But the flexibility of having remote devices comes with a new set of challenges!

So how can you manage devices on your network when they’re not physically on site? And what does this mean for safeguarding?

Real-time remote device management, monitoring and safeguarding.

We partner with Senso to help schools and trusts like yours safeguard your staff and students across multiple devices, even if they’re off-site!

Senso’s safeguarding software gives you unparalleled insights into the actions and behaviours of users on your network. So no matter where they are, keep them protected by proactively monitoring their activities when they’re using school devices. It includes a tool allowing users to anonymously report any concerns about themselves or someone else. You’ll immediately get an email alert if a user:

  • Shows signs of being vulnerable.
  • Poses a risk to themselves or others.
  • Engages in harmful, inappropriate or off-task behaviours.

You can quickly block access to websites or applications. The comprehensive keyword libraries are constantly being developed, but you can also add your own keywords that might be specific to your school.

Don’t be tied down to a desk.

Access your Senso platform anywhere! Whether it’s across 1 or 1000 sites, you’ll get real-time remote monitoring and control of your devices. The dashboard and data gives you clear insights, as well as showing trends and pinpointing issues.

Plus it’s cloud-based, so it works at school, home or on the go!

Maximum flexibility, minimum cost.

Managing and maintaining all the devices on your networks can be challenging and time consuming. It can also be expensive, and nobody likes paying for what they don’t need. But our remote device management software through Senso is modular, so you can choose exactly what you want! You’ll get full flexibility to pick and choose what works best for your school’s needs and budget.

Take a look at our remote device management options and prices here!

Let us help protect your school or trust!

We have a wide range of different options so you can mix and match the ones that work best for you. Already a Coconnect customer but not using Senso? Then you could be eligible to get a Senso Essentials bundle free for a whole year!

Our remote device monitoring products are part of our range of other cloud services designed to ramp up your school’s connectivity. You can add services such as digital VoIP phone systems, Microsoft Office 365 backups and additional cloud storage to your broadband packages with us.

Get in touch with us and we can help your school or trust safeguard all the users on your network across multiple devices.

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