Changes to Ofsted inspections

How are Ofsted inspections changing?

This week Ofsted announced changes to how they carry out school inspections. The aim of these changes are to reduce stress for teachers and school leaders when the inspections are taking place, but still keeping the inspections rigorous and accurate. So how are Ofsted inspections changing?

Ofsted inspections

Many of these changes are being implemented already, with the rest being introduced from 1 September 2023. The changes include:

  • A consultation on the complaints process.
  • Changes to how they inspect safeguarding.
  • Clarity around confidentiality policies.
  • Support for schools between inspections.

Changes to how Ofsted inspections; safeguarding.

Ensuring the safety of children in schools is an absolute priority. Currently, even if a school receives an overall rating of ‘Good’, if its safeguarding is rated as ‘Inadequate’ then its overall rating is automatically downgraded.

However, recognising that safeguarding issues can sometimes be isolated incidents, Ofsted are introducing a new procedure for schools facing rating setbacks solely due to safeguarding concerns. If a school fails due to safeguarding issues alone, Ofsted will now conduct a follow-up visit within three months. This allows schools the chance to address and resolve the safeguarding issues that have been found.

This monitoring gives schools the possibility of regrading. If the school successfully addresses the safeguarding concerns highlighted during the initial inspection, they’re likely to see an improvement in their overall rating. This means quick action to resolve any issues will benefit the school!

Clearer guidelines for schools and parents.

In addition to the revised inspection procedures, Ofsted are also aiming to make safeguarding requirements as clear as possible for schools and parents. These clearer guidelines can help schools assess their existing policies and make any changes necessary.

It also enables parents to make informed decisions about their child’s school, and understand effective safeguarding practises.

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Ofsted’s recent changes highlights the importance of safeguarding within schools. We’ve created a comprehensive online safeguarding guide especially for schools. You can download it for free here!

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