Coconnect partner with Barracuda to offer Office 365 backup

We now offer Microsoft Office 365 cloud backup with Barracuda.

Coconnect is a specialist School Broadband provider in UK Education. With over 400 Schools currently partnering with us, we are continuing to grow and provide cloud-managed services to Schools. 

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Office 365 backup partnership with Barracuda

We are happy to announce we have partnered with Barracuda. A Cloud-to-cloud Microsoft Office 365 backup providerProviding Schools and Trusts with unlimited backup and retention. Office 365 is secured in the cloud, allowing a good backup and quick recovery when a ransomware attack or accidental deletion occurs.

Microsoft recommends third-party backup for Office 365 data. Coconnect will offer a cloud-to-cloud solution that Is flexible, scalable, and cost-effective. With students free and ‘FTEs’ costing £1.46 a month. The cloud-to-cloud backup solution is flexible, easily scalable to fit your needs, and cost-effective for schools. Barracuda’s cloud to cloud backup provides a full recovery solution for your Microsoft Office 365 tenancy Data. Covering major services such as Teams, Exchange Online, SharePoint, and OneDrive.

Here at Coconnect we specialise in School Broadband and cloud managed services for schools, we offer:

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