Coconnect Web Filtering Powered by Netsweeper

KCSIE and Prevent Duty Compliant Web Filtering Powered by Netsweeper

Our school web filtering keeps your students and staff safe while they surf the web. We provide industry-leading web-filtering powered by Smoothwall that comply with KCSIE, Prevent Duty, Internet Watch and national standards.

Coconnect has built pre-define web filtering policies over a long time, which acts as a good starting point for any School or MAT; therefore, Schools can implement a working system straightaway and customise it to their liking during and after implementation.

Netsweeper is one of the leaders in web filtering for education, protecting millions of school children around the world, including 1 in 3 UK pupils. Because Netsweeper offers a flexible solution that is not tied to hardware appliances, you can meet your filtering needs in both present day and in the future.

Netsweeper Web Filtering

Netsweeper is one of the worlds largest School Broadband filtering providers, providing safe filtered internet to over 1 billion users globally, including over 7000 UK schools.

Netsweeper’s best of breed filtering and safeguarding systems combine to keep children safe and educators compliant in the digital world. 

​Real-Time Content Analysis

Dynamic categorisation of web content with billions of URLs categorised. Rapid categorisation of new content and configurable filtering policies.

​Know what your students are doing

Netsweeper captures data on all web usage and filtering activity, offering a comprehensive array of reports to meet your needs. You can understand what is being accessed (and by whom) so you can troubleshoot problems and adjust policies. You can see what’s being blocked, see when teachers apply overrides, and evaluate popular sites or content, giving you the power to oversee your school’s complete internet usage network.

Netsweeper Benefits

Netsweeper is one of the leaders in web filtering for education, protecting millions of school children around the world, including 1 in 3 UK pupils. Because Netsweeper offers a flexible solution that is not tied to hardware appliances, you can meet your filtering needs in both present day and in the future.

How Netsweeper Web Filtering works 

Dynamic Web Content Classification

Netsweeper’s proprietary technology reviews and categorises new websites in real-time based on numerous content categories. This Artificial Intelligence system named the Category Naming Service (CNS) uses the search activity patterns of millions of devices worldwide to classify new web content and webborne threats on a continual basis.

Policy Service

Define and manage web access policies based on username, groups, time, day, and more. User-based rights allow you to personalize access based on IP address, user, or group. Time and calendar-based rights enable you to grant web access on specific days or hours, increasing productivity and reducing bandwidth to ensure business-critical functions won’t be negatively impacted.


Generate reports to review Internet activity on your network. Netsweeper’s high-performance reporting service provides insight into network traffic and information on specific requests, websites, allow/deny actions, users, and more. The reporter analyses requests based on specified criteria and sorts them, calculates statistics, and presents results in clear and comprehensive tables and charts.

Ns Proxy Selective SSL Decryption

Netsweeper’s NS Proxy service is an advanced high-speed proxy capable of delivering 6 Gbps of SSL decryption throughput and support for up to 20,000 users/per server. As more websites become SSL-enabled NS Proxy technology solves a key filtering issue.

BYOD & Client Filters

Netsweeper provides client-based filtering in addition to its network-based solution (Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, Chrome). Off network usage is protected the same as on-network usage with Netsweeper’s client filter technology. Traffic is not proxied to a central server to perform filtering, ensuring private/proprietary data is not at risk.

Application Controls

Netsweeper provides effective controls for managing web applications, including the ability to control the use of leading social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn and more. Administrators can apply policies based on a wide range of criteria, including user, group, applications, postings, and media transfer controls.

Malware, Phishing and Virus Protection

By correlating traffic and request trends with multiple detection technologies, Netsweeper provides zero-day detection of known malware threats such as viruses, spyware, phishing frauds, and other forms of malicious code.

Filtered DNS

Netsweeper also provides a highly scalable DNS filtering service. The service is low latency, highly available and is a cost-effective way to make Netsweeper policy enforcement and services available to your users with a simple and proven solution.

Coconnect provide a complete service from pre-sales & technical support. Services is always speedy and technical support team have an incredible wealth of knowledge.

William O'Reilly

Lumen Christi MAC

"When our old provider closed down with very short notice, Coconnect pulled out all the stops to make sure we were up and running on a brand new connection with an on-site filter with zero downtime. They listened to what we needed, and provided expert advice, customer service, and after sales support.  They’re absolutely brilliant and I would recommend them every time."

Rich Sayles

Newman School

"Knowledgeable, friendly, pro-active and always ready to help, with an understanding of the particular needs of education, Coconnect have provided a stable safe infrastructure which we can rely on."

Martin Robson

Cumbria Education Trust

"We are moving all of our broadband from local county council to Coconnect, but to date I could not be happier. Our account is managed by one of the directors; he is proactive, helpful, and always available to answer any of my questions whenever I call/email. We are transitioning 8 schools and seem to be on track to complete as planned! I would not hesitate in recommending them to other schools."

Lisa Alderson

Berlesduna Multi Academy Trust

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