ISPA Awards 2023 Finalist; Best Customer Protection

Coconnect is a finalist at the ISPA Awards 2023!

We’re delighted Coconnect has been shortlisted as a finalist for the Best Customer Protection category at the ISPA Awards 2023! This category covers ISPs that make their customers more protected through online safety, data protection, cyber security or education. This is the first year we’ve entered the ISPA Awards, and we’re so excited to have made it as a finalist!

ISPA Awards 2023

At Coconnect, safeguarding and online safety is our biggest focus. We deliver safe, secure and reliable broadband, safety, security and cloud services to schools and trusts all over the UK. We work with the best filtering, security and protection providers in the industry.

Protecting Let’s take a look at our ISPA Awards 2023 shortlist

With our school broadband systems, our customers get complete flexibility and control over every aspect of their school internet, security and safeguarding structure (while we maintain the overall system management), so they can be confident their staff and students are safe while they surf the web!

By implementing robust security measures, we have successfully defended our customers from a range of threats. And for our customers who have Netsweeper web filtering for schools with us, they also benefit from an additional layer of protection through Netsweeper’s in-built anti-malware system.

Using technology and services.

We use advanced technology and services to ensure the highest level of security. Our school firewalls are powered by Fortinet and provides advanced threat protection as standard. They’re highly available, redundant and set up in multiple pairs for resilience. We employ state of the art encryption protocols to safeguard data transmission and storage. We also integrate artificial intelligence as well as in person resource to proactively detect and prevent emerging threats.

By continuously investing in technological advancements, we make sure our customers stay one step ahead of potential attacks.

Mitigating threats.

There’s numerous threats online, such as malware, phishing attacks, identity theft and data breaches. We employ a multi-layered approach to mitigate these threats effectively. Through our comprehensive school firewall solutions from Fortinet, intrusion detection systems and robust authentication mechanisms, we have a strong defence against any malicious activities. We also regularly update our security systems to stay ahead of evolving threats. This means our customers have the most reliable and up to date protection!

Complying with regulations and best practices.

We prioritise compliance with all relevant regulations and best practices. This includes the Online Safety Bill, GDPR, Telecoms Security Act and Active Cyber Defence. By complying with these regulations, we ensure the highest standards of customer protection and commitment to data privacy, user safety and a secure online environment. As well as ensuring all customers meet the DfE digital requirements, as well as their KCSIE guidance.

Offering a choice of products.

We offer a range of products to cater to different customer needs and budgets. As standard, our products include Fortinet’s next generation firewall that provides essential protection against the most common threats.

Our premium products includes Fortinet’s Advanced Threat Protection, providing antivirus scanning (to target viruses trying to infiltrate systems through email or other vulnerable areas), cache lookup (to examine and determine whether files are malicious), static analysis (to see if files shows signs of malicious code or instructions) and dynamic analysis (where the suspicious file is executed in a controlled environment to see how it behaves and render any threats harmless. This means our customers have access to the level of protection that best suits their requirements.

Our commitment to skills, training and education.

It’s really important to us that our customers have the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the digital landscape safely. We invest in ongoing support and knowledge base articles to empower our users to make informed decisions regarding their online security. Our team are regularly trained in online security so we can stay up to date with the most current issues and resolutions.

We conduct regular webinars, workshops and provide support guides. And we regularly share content on our website, social media channels and via email to highlight security topics and products that can help customers. By promoting digital literacy, we aim to help our customers become proactive participants in their own protection.

Let’s get connected.

“We’re so proud of all the hard work our team puts in to make Coconnect what it is, and we’re thrilled we have been shortlisted as a finalist at the ISPA Awards 2023 – Best Customer Protection.” said David Furby, Coconnect’s CEO.

We can’t wait for November for the winners to be announced, and to be a part of the special 25th anniversary of the ISPA Awards!

To learn more about how Coconnect can help protect your school or trust, get in touch.

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