Internet for Schools – School ISP vs IT Reseller

Why should you procure internet for Schools and Trusts through a School ISP instead of an IT reseller?

Coconnect is a specialist provider of broadband for Schools and Multi-Academy Trusts. A school’s network is a vital cog in a school’s day-to-day operations and is a service that schools should not compromise on. We thought it would be good to share some helpful information on the benefits of procuring through a School Internet Service Provider (ISP) rather than an IT reseller.

Internet for schools

What do an IT Reseller and a School ISP provide?

IT resellers often define themselves as value-added resellers who add their features and solutions to add value to the original product. An IT reseller purchases products or hardware from a distributor or manufacturer and resells them to customers. An excellent example of this is our sister company Novatech, which offers a range of computers and laptops from a various of brands and offers its solution, Direct 2 Desk, a fully automated lifecycle management, management from the imaging to the laptops end of life with a zero-touch deployment for businesses.

A School ISP provides internet for schools and trusts along with school web filtering, security and additional services on the school network or in the cloud. These additional services could include VoIP phone systems for schools, cloud servers, and cloud storage for schools, as a few examples. Additionally, a School ISP will help schools and trusts move to a complete IT cloud strategy.

An Education MSP or managed service provider specialises in services and products for education. It is essential to distinguish between an IT Reseller and Educational MSP as this blog compares procuring internet through an IT Reseller and School ISP, not an Educational MSP.  

School ISP vs IT Reseller; the benefits

Meeting your internet for schools needs

An IT Reseller offers a range of products and services, but does not specialise in providing internet for schools, and is less likely to have a specialist in the area. Whereas a School ISP have a team of experts and highly skilled engineers who are dedicated to understanding a school’s network needs, schools and trusts are more likely to receive a school broadband package that meets their needs without compromising on quality or reliability from a School ISP.

Better and Proactive Support

Broadband in schools is only as good as support; when things go wrong, it can cause massive disruption to classroom learning and school operations. A School ISP has dedicated support engineers who know their systems and can find a solution quickly compared to an IT Reseller.

Additionally, school ISP providers will be able to identify problems before they arise and are more likely to offer proactive support boosting your school’s internet uptime.

KCSIE and Prevent Duty compliant web-filtering.

Most School ISPs will have at least two core services: connectivity and the other web-filtering. School web-filtering systems will need to comply with KCSIE and Prevent Duty standards. A School ISP will provide web filtering in partnership with safeguarding system providers. They will partner with providers whose systems are compliant with regulations with knowledge of the market and expertise; unlike an IT Reseller, they will partner with providers whose systems are compliant with regulations.

Efficient onboarding

This benefit has a minor impact but will give your school more confidence in your chosen broadband provider. The onboarding process from a School ISP be better planned and more efficient because they will have more experience how to migrate schools from another provider or the LA.

What to check before procuring with an IT Reseller?

If you wish to procure your school internet through an IT reseller. We recommend you check if they have a good partnership with a School ISP to ensure you have specialists in control of your school network. Take time and check what other schools they currently supply school broadband to as an IT reseller and take references to have confidence in their service.


In summary, when procuring internet for schools, we recommend procuring through a School ISP because of the expertise and knowledge of the systems you are procuring. We also recommend going through an Educational MSP who partner with School ISPs; such as Joskos or Concero. They have expertise in providing IT solutions to the educational sector.

Why Coconnect?

  • Coconnect can provide a safe, secure, and reliable internet for schools and trusts that meet the new DFE recommendations.
  • Coconnect thrive on providing exceptional service, and we don’t hide our stats; we are proud of our 99.995% uptime, 99% customer renewals and 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Market-leading support and SLAs from a team of expert engineers who pride themselves on finding issues when they do occur before you do
  • Seamless onboarding and migration with a dedicated delivery service manager, account manager and installation engineer.
  • Industry-leading broadband filtering and safeguarding solution in partnership with Smoothwall, Netsweeper and Senso.
  • Enterprise standard Firewalls and Anti-Virus from Fortinet and ESET.
  • Additional cloud services include managed VoIP phone systems, remote devices, network management, office 365 backup, etc., creating a full cloud IT strategy.

Looking at school broadband providers?

If you are looking at new school broadband providers, get in touch or book a call; we would be happy to have an honest discussion.

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