How is Cloud Computing changing education?

Cloud solutions are the present and the future for Schools and MATs

Coconnect is a specialist in schools’ broadband and cloud services for education. We have seen an upturn in demand for cloud solutions recently and thought it would be good to share our knowledge on cloud computing, how it is changing, and the benefits to the educational sector.

What is Cloud-Computing?

The simple way to define cloud computing is to deliver computer services over the internet by hosting the application or service in the cloud via the internet. All you need to access the cloud is a suitable device (phone, tablet, PC) and an internet connection.

Cloud computing has many uses. Typical uses are data backup, disaster recovery, email, virtual desktop, software development/testing, big data analytics and customer-facing web applications. The model is now being applied to the education sector. We will now look at how cloud computing changes education and its benefits.

What are the benefits and uses of Cloud-computing in schools?

Online Resources

Textbooks are not the only resource students can access in the cloud. Schoolscan store online educational videos, record lessons for students to access and save any resource they think would help students learn as well as accessing the broader online resources they already use.

Cloud enables students to access these resources at any time, enabling an improved learning experience.

Up to date learning materials

Textbooks for students and schools are expensive, and buying the newest edition is not worthwhile when an older version achieves good enough results. Accessing the latest textbooks at a marginal cost compared to buying a new textbook is very beneficial and ensures all students have the same material.

Greater reach for students

Accessing learning material and lessons from anywhere give the education industry a chance to reach more students and improve inclusion. Some students have personal reasons, which means attending school every day can be challenging. Allowing them to learn remotely is a great benefit to ensure that everyone gets their right to a proper education.

Paperless Schools

Students now can access textbooks, schoolwork, and hand in homework online, reducing the overall cost for students and schools needing less paper and being environmentally friendly.

Backup and Storage

The cloud allows staff and students to back up their work efficiently, and automatically. In the case of a cyber-attack or accidental deletion, work will be backed up to the cloud and retrievable along with previous versions. Losing data can be a massive headache, and having data backed up to the cloud minimises these risks.

Coconnect partnered with Barracuda to provide Office 365 backup; read more about it here.

Minimal hardware and software required

Access to the cloud is via the internet. The computing effort is in the cloud so expensive hardware is not needed. As part of their infrastructure, the cloud provider will have all the storage hardware and security software already installed, reducing the costs for schools.

Classroom collaboration

The cloud enables students to work on projects together simultaneously even if they are in different locations. They no longer need to all create separate work documents or work from one computer. They can all access the file simultaneously and make edits to one file that makes group work more efficient. Advantages for staff are that they can all access a lesson plan from one another teacher, improving collaboration between staff.


One key advantage of cloud computing or a cloud solution is how easily scalable it is. Whether a school has 1 or 1,000 users, it is easy to set up or add a new user to have access. Cloud-based software reduces the amount of expenditure with school growth and reduces the cost of an extra staff member being set up on systems.

Virtual Desktops

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has become increasingly popular with Schools allowing students and staff to bring their personal devices in to do work. The key benefit is that it is shown to increase productivity with more freedom and familiarity with their device. Because Cloud computing operated through a browser, simply available on every device it allows a wide variety of different devices to be connected without compromising performance or security

Coconnect offer virtual desktops. Get in touch to find out more.

Concluding thoughts

Cloud computing enables greater flexibility, greater security, better collaboration, and lower overall costs. Once setup it is very easy to scale and manage and doesn’t require any onsite computing hardware apart from the broadband and wi-fi services.

Coconnect is a specialist in Schools Broadband and cloud services. We offer tailored solutions for your School exact needs if you like to get in touch or book a call to have an honest discussion around your broadband and cloud needs.

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