A guide to the BT switch off

What is the BT switch off?

By 2025, every phone network in the UK will route calls through a fully digital network rather than traditional phone lines. This means your internet and phone will use the same line, and every phone line will be digital. BT will be moving all customers from the old analogue public switched telephone network (PSTN) and integrated services digital network (ISDN) to route calls over IP (Internet Protocol) instead. This is known as the BT switch off.

BT switch off

Why has BT decided to migrate phone lines to fibre?

Over the last few years, there have been huge improvements in technology. Most of the UK uses smartphones, and business and schools now use video calling for meetings and remote learning. As more people switch to digital communications, the demand on the traditional technology is pushed. It can’t cope with the data speeds and capacity needed long term.

A digital phone line doesn’t just cope with the current demands but will also handle any future technological developments.

How will this impact schools and trusts?

This is going to impact everyone – businesses and homes! Anything that uses the old phone network (even things such as your alarms and CCTV) will be affected.

We’d recommend migrating to a fully digital network long before the switch off, so you don’t lose any of the services we know are vital to you.

Getting ready for BT switch off.

2025 feels like a long time away, but it’s best to plan early! Here’s our checklist for what you need to do to get ready:

  • Review your current phone system and broadband connectivity – does it have the capacity for a phone network to run alongside it?
  • Speak with your current internet service provider or look for a new provider who can provide the capacity you need.
  • Think about what IP phone system is best for your School or Trust. Two options are SIP Trunks or cloud-based phone systems.

Let us help!

If you’re looking at moving to a VoIP phone system for schools and need increased school broadband connectivity, Coconnect is a specialist provider of both. Please get in touch or book a call – we’d be happy to have a chat about your School’s or MAT’s needs.

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