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Digital Proactive Monitoring powered by Netsweeper and Senso

Coconnect proactive monitoring compliments our web filtering. Proactive monitoring adds another level of safeguarding for pupils. The system monitors students’ online behaviour and categorises their risk level; once a student becomes at high risk of harm, an alert is created, and schools can act upon it in real-time, protecting the student from harm.

Our digital proactive monitoring systems are powered by Netsweeper and Senso, allowing us to tailor a solution to your specific requirements. Netsweeper technology monitors user data and on-screen content, raising alerts to the school when a student is at high risk of harm. In the same scenario, the Senso solution allows additional support in responding to high-risk alerts with trained employees notifying authorities.

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Netsweeper OnGuard – Proactive Monitoring

Netsweeper is one of the leaders in web filtering for education, protecting millions of school children worldwide, including 1 in 3 UK pupils. Because Netsweeper offers a flexible solution not tied to hardware appliances, you can meet your filtering needs in the present and future.

Netsweeper proactive monitoring systems monitor user data, on-screen content and reports in real-time, allowing for quick action when necessary. The technology can monitor online and offline, protecting students from potential harm when messaging or writing documents.

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Netsweeper Web Filtering
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Senso Assisted Proactive Monitoring

Assisted monitoring is a service that monitors students’ activity on their devices. It works alongside Senso’s safeguarding software where the assisted monitoring team will identify and notify you of any issues.

  • Real time proactive monitoring of devices.
  • Full trained online safety experts identifying alerts.
  • Alert Notification.
  • Support and action on alerts from online safety experts.
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