Devices for Christmas

Getting new devices for Christmas.

Christmas is just around the corner, and lots of us will be hoping Santa leaves us some new tech under the tree this year! Getting new devices for Christmas can be a wonderful gift, but it’s important to make sure we stay safe online.

Devices for Christmas

Our guide to gifting a new device can help make sure we help keep children safe, but still be able to use and enjoy their presents.

Do your research on devices for christmas.

There is so much to choose from and consider when it comes to choosing a new phone, tablet, smart watch, or games console (especially when buying one for a child). It’s always a good idea to do your research before buying.

  • Product reviews can be a big help – do people recommend the device or have any concerns about it?
  • Ask what devices your friends have for their children and their opinions about them.
  • Can parental controls be set up? Both Apple and Android devices allow you to restrict certain content, apps and downloads.

Get prepared.

Getting new devices for Christmas can be really exciting, and we all want to get stuck in once we’ve ripped that wrapping paper off!

If you’re giving a new device to a child, consider setting it up ahead of them opening it. Get it charged up and put any parental controls you want to in place. For second-hand devices, make sure you’ve reset the factory settings. This can help avoid any problems by removing any apps and settings.

Communication is key.

Parental controls play an important part in keeping children safe. But we also need to talk to them about our expectations when using their devices. At home, consider how your family uses the internet and devices.

  • Set boundaries about how long they use their device for so they don’t overuse their new tech.
  • Discuss what you feel comfortable with them sharing online. If they can access social media, consider what content they can post.
  • Who can they interact with online? Games, social media, and messaging apps means we can connect to friends, family and strangers easily.
  • What should they do if they encounter something online that makes us uncomfortable or upset online? Make sure your child knows they can come to you for help.

Advice for schools.

If you work in a school, you might see an increase in new devices being brought in after the Christmas holidays. It can be useful at this time of year to highlight any online safety policies and device usage rules your school has in place. This means students, parents and staff understand what they are and aren’t allowed to do to protect your pupils and school.

It can be hard if children feel left out if they haven’t got the latest devices like their friends. It can also be distressing if students are sharing photos or videos of their peers that they haven’t consented to. Look out for any bullying or behaviours that could cause upset.

Engage with your students to ask what apps, games and sites they like to visit. and make sure they know they can come to you if they need help with something online.

Additional resources.

You can download our free online safeguarding guide for schools. It gives some really useful information about best practices in key areas of online safety including:

  • Online safety policies
  • School online filtering and monitoring
  • Online safeguarding in education
  • Cyber security and data protection
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