Connection types: FTTC vs EOFTTC vs FTTP vs DLL

Connection types: FTTC vs EOFTTC vs FTTP vs DLL

Let’s breakdown the different broadband connection types.

Our School Broadband guide is a FREE learning resource available and a good starting point for any Schools and MATs looking at renewing or looking for alternative Broadband providers. 

connection types

What is Fibre Optic Broadband?

Fibre Optic Broadband for schools uses a network of Fibre optic cables to deliver fast-speed connectivity. Data in the form of light travels down these cables at almost the speed of light, allowing for these fast internet speeds.  

There are many different connection types available for home premises and schools. The ones we suggest for Schools are Fibre Optic to the Cabinet, Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet, Fibre Optic to the premise and dedicated leased lines.

Connection types

Schools need to consider the best type of connection for their needs. Let us look at each connection type and its pros and cons.

Fibre Optic to the Cabinet (FTTC)

FTTC uses Fibre optic cables from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to your closest roadside telecoms cabinet. Copper wires are used for wiring the cabinet to your school. 


  • Reliable and fast speeds. 
  • Economical.


  • Degradable, thus losing speed and reliability over time.
  • Using inefficient copper wires; on average, a slower connection type.

Ethernet over Fibre to the cabinet (EOFTTC)

EoFTTC, rather than using Fibre to the cabinet, uses Ethernet fibre from the ISP to the cabinet. 


  • Stable bandwidth compared to FTTC.
  • Symmetrical bandwidth for upload and download speeds. 
  • No drop-in connectivity at peak times.


  • More costly than FTTC but far less than FTTP. 

FTTP – Fibre Optic to the premise (FTTP)

FTTP, unlike FTTC and EOFTTC, connects to the school through fibre optic cables rather than the existing copper wire infrastructure, allowing for ultrafast broadband that is ten times faster than EoFTTC and FTTC for your School.


  • Higher speed and reliability.
  • Symmetrical bandwidth for upload and download speeds. 
  • Future-proof, FTTP is designed to be easily scalable.


  • More expensive than FTTC and EOFTTC.
  • FTTP has a more complicated and longer installation.

Dedicated Leased Line (DLL)

A leased line will provide your school with your Fibre connection that you won’t share with anyone else, often known as 1:1 contention. 


  • With the line being dedicated and leased, your ISP can provide a tailored approach to get you back up and running. 
  • Speed is guaranteed as the connection is dedicated; your ISP will ensure you receive the bandwidth you pay for.
  • More tailored support. 


  • As you are paying for a dedicated line rather than sharing a DLL is the most expensive.
  • Also has the longest installation time.

What connection type should you have?

Each school or trust has different requirements, budgets, and IT strategies. We would suggest schools consider all the connection types and breakdown your requirements in priority order.

It is best to move to an FTTP line or a DLL to ensure you future-proof your broadband solutions. Copper wiring will eventually be a thing of the past, and where FTTP and DLL are made to be easily scalable, they can meet your current needs and future. 

If you think your school can benefit from upgrading its school broadband lines, Coconnect is an ISP for schools and MATs. Get in touch here; alternatively, book a call. We would be happy to point you in the right direction for your school or MAT.

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