Cloud Schools benefits?

How are full Cloud Schools reaping the rewards of implementing a cloud-IT strategy?

The current trend in the I.T. sector and, more specifically, school I.T. is  a full cloud I.T. strategy. Cloud schools, as we call them, are schools where all I.T. systems are no longer on-premises, instead they are cloud-based, except the final user device, laptop, tablet etc. These schools are reaping the benefits of cloud-based solutions, but why schools should move to the cloud, what are the benefits of the cloud to schools, and what should schools consider before migrating all systems to the cloud?

cloud schools

What services can schools migrate to the cloud?

Cloud services for schools go further than just file storage and backup. The uses have developed in recent years. Here is a list of services which can be cloud-based:

Benefits of cloud schools

Reduced costs

A significant benefit of the cloud for schools is the reduction of costs. Cloud services decrease the hardware and infrastructure schools need to buy, refresh, and maintain because cloud providers can take this on with their current infrastructure.

Additionally, cloud services require less licensing and are often pay as you go services.


Cloud solution services are often easily scalable because they do not require purchasing or updating the current infrastructure.; adding additional users is simply signing up and paying any additional fees, therefore, migrating to cloud plans for the current and future needs of the school.

Efficiency and Flexibility

Another benefit of cloud solutions for schools is improved efficiency. These applications are easy to access, allowing teachers to access data faster and an efficient way to share this data.

Accessing Cloud services can also be from any device, which gives the teachers more flexibility to use more convenient devices. For example, a tablet might be more convenient for a teacher to use and give a lesson if they want a practical lesson outdoors than a laptop.

Improves collaboration

Cloud-based services allow staff and students to collaborate on documents, creating collaborative learning resources and giving students a new style in which students can work together on assignments.

Improved security

Cloud solutions are well protected from any security threats, and cloud developers are often aware of the industry’s current cyber threats, protecting your School from any security issues.

Reduced System administration

Cloud systems updates will, most of the time, be automatic and do not require any member of the I.T. team to update when they need to update as the providers will update the systems at a convenient time, which does not disrupt your school’s operation.

Any drawbacks of cloud schools?

Security risk

Contradictory to the earlier statement, cloud services mean the security is taken away from you and the provider. Cyber-attackers will be aware of the large amounts of data cloud companies own, and they are bigger targets for cyber-attacks. Read some of the recent news about some of the biggest cloud providers here.

What School should consider?

If you’re looking to implement a fully cloud-IT system, these are the things you should consider.

Can your school broadband manage?

The first thing to consider is whether your School has the infrastructure to migrate all solutions to the cloud. Cloud solutions are accessed through the internet and require migrating to full-fibre connectivity, which the DFE recommends.

More information on School Broadband:

How are you using the cloud already?

Another thing to consider is how your School is already using cloud solutions, whether these are being utilised to their full potential, which other systems can migrate to the cloud and the benefits. It is also worth noting any services that staff and students might be using that the school does not use but could be utilised. E.G., Google Docs instead of Microsoft office.  

How to implement cloud in your School?

It is worth considering the timeframe of your plan, whether you would like to take 1 or 5 years to migrate over entirely to the cloud. Within this plan, you need to consider how you introduce the functionality to teachers and pupils, how each service will support the overall school strategy and where you can reinvest the extra cost saved from migrating to the cloud.


To conclude, cloud schools have planned for the current and future needs of their School. Migrating to a complete cloud I.T. strategy will reduce costs while improving the pupil’s learning experience and improve school operations with better efficiency.

Migrating to the cloud?

Coconnect is a specialist provider of school broadband and cloud services. We can help your School on its cloud journey and provide safe, supported, and reliable connectivity. Get in touch; we are happy to have an honest conversation about your cloud strategy.

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