Children’s Mental Health Week

Make a difference to the lives of young people by taking part in Children’s Mental Health Week.

Place2Be is a charity that launched Children’s Mental Health Week back in 2015. They’ve provided mental health services in schools for over 25 years, and work to transform children’s lives. It’s aim is to encourage people to connect with others – this could be at home, school or in the community.

children's mental health week

There’s still a stigma around mental health. Lots of us have found our mental health to be worse in recent years, with money worries and worrying world events going on. However, children are also impacted by what’s going on around them too. Parents can sometimes be embarrassed to seek mental health support for their children, or might not know who to turn to for help.

That’s why we need to address children’s mental health in schools as much as we can!

Make meaningful connections.

When we don’t have rewarding relationships with others, it can make us feel isolated or lonely. Having healthy connections with those around us supports our mental health and sense of wellbeing.

It’s important for children to build these healthy connections early on. As a very young child it starts with their immediate family, but their connections quickly grow as they get older. School is a key place for children and young people to build their connections, both with their peers and school staff.

Mental health in schools.

Let’s get those conversations about mental health started in school! There are lots of free resources for both primary and secondary age children to help your school take part in Children’s Mental Health Week 2023. These activities are designed to encourage children to look at how they can make meaningful connections to support their mental health.

You could cover these activities in the classroom or during assemblies. Telling your students that they can approach you if they have any mental health struggles can play a huge part too. Let your students know that mental health is nothing to be embarrassed about. We all have mental health, and we need to take care of it.

How does online safety and Children’s Mental Health Week 2023 work together?

The internet is a key part in our lives, and it’s amazing connecting to our friends and family no matter where we are! There are lots of benefits of children being online, both socially and in education.

But not all online experiences are positive. Online relationships, trying to fit in and keeping up with social media can be challenging for young people to deal with. Navigating around upsetting news stories, adult websites and inappropriate comments or messages can be tricky too. Looking at the factors that impacts our mental health is important. And by recognising the things that make us unhappy means we can work on them. Talking about any negative encounters we’ve had can help us deal with our feelings about them.

Although we can’t always prevent students having bad experiences online, we can try and help at school. Children’s Mental Health Week goes hand in hand with Safer Internet Day. Taking place on 7 February 2023, it’s aim is to promote the use of the internet in a safe way for children. We’ve written a blog post about Safer Internet Day looking at how we can create a better internet for students.

How can we help your school?

Providing robust school filtering, security and digital safeguarding systems to protect your students is what we do! Protecting their mental health by preventing them from seeing inappropriate and harmful content online is easy with our filtering and monitoring services.

Our school filtering and monitoring services from Netsweeper and Smoothwall protects your students accessing harmful content while they’re on your network (even if they’re at home!). It complies with the KCSIE guidelines, as well as Prevent Duty and Internet Watch.

We also offer proactive monitoring powered by Netsweeper and Senso to add another layer of digital safeguarding for your pupils. You can monitor online behaviour on your network, and receive alerts when a student becomes a high risk of harm.

So if you’re looking for a new school broadband provider or want super digital safeguarding for your students, just get in touch with us! We can have a chat about the best solutions that could work for your school.

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