Cantell School Case Study


Cantell school is a secondary comprehensive with just over 1000 students. A foundation school, based in Southampton. They have recently moved school broadband providers to Coconnect. We spoke to Mr John Heagren at Cantell School, the network and media manager at the school to find out how it went.


“it’s a slightly unusual reason that we started looking for a new provider” says Mr Heagren; “our previous provider had some customer service issues, in particular the billing and invoicing was causing our school business manager real challenges”. In addition, we wanted to upgrade our safeguarding and filtering facilities, ideally to Smoothwall.


John began discussions with Smoothwall and Coconnect in June ‘20 and signed a new contract in November. The solution includes 1Gbps/1Gbps Leased line provided over Virgin Media Business infrastructure with an FTTC Backup line provided over Openreach infrastructure. Filtering is provided by a Coconnect managed Smoothwall S10 onsite appliance.

“We did have some installation issues getting the BT and Virgin lines we specified to provide redundancy to work together, but Matt at Coconnect was able to work with BT and virgin to resolve things for us.  Our previous filtering and broadband contracts did not end on the same date. Coconnect were very helpful in giving us access to a Smoothwall appliance early, in order to keep our students protected as the contracts changed”.


“Smoothwall took some getting used to in comparison to our previous system, though Smoothwall has also picked up several things out previous system missed, so it’s been worthwhile. The Coconnect cloud broadband delivers what was specified.

Comment on Coconnect

“The Coconnect team have been very helpful and always get back to me promptly. The systems just work, no need to worry or constantly monitor, exactly what we need; fit and forget about it.”

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