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Introducing Coconnect

You need school broadband that’s tailored to your school’s needs – and that’s exactly what we do! We specialise in school broadband and cloud services for schools; primary and secondary alongside Multi Academy Trusts (MATs). So whether you’re after a fully managed service, or a high performance and flexible cloud-based network, we’ve got you covered.

Broadband for schools

We can customise school broadband packages that’s matched exactly to your requirements. Our packages range from simple school broadband only option (perfect if you already have a digital safeguarding and security system in place) all the way to a full blown broadband, security and digital safeguarding package. We work with the UK’s leading data providers to bring you a fast and reliable connection with an easy installation.

We provide the best school filtering, security and digital safeguarding systems in the industry through a range of our partners. This gives you the choice of digital safeguarding systems with flexibility and complete control over every aspect of your school internet.

Our broadband for schools additional services.

Fully managed digital phone systems

Our VoIP phone systems for schools work in a similar way to traditional phone systems. However, your calls are routed through an internet connection instead of a landline. This means you only need a school broadband line, therefore saving you money! It’s hosted in the cloud so we can take care of updates, security, users and extensions remotely.

Remote network and device management

You can manage the devices and users on your network easily. It allows you to monitor and control multiple devices, so you stay on top of your school’s digital safeguarding and school filtering. We offer a range of different options so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Microsoft Office 365 backup

Microsoft recommends you use a third-party backup for your Office 365 data. Our cloud backup solution is flexible, scalable and cost-effective (your students are free!). You can rest easy knowing you have a good backup with quick recovery in case a ransomware attack or accidental deletion occurs.

Cloud storage

Cloud storage lets you store data on the internet. Our cloud storage gives you all the benefits of cloud storage, but with a higher level of security and privacy. This means your sensitive data is secure and not accessible to third parties.

Let’s get connected.

All schools are different, and your requirements can change as time goes on. When you look at switching to Coconnect, we’ll chat with you about your school/MAT’s size, needs and budget. This means we can tailor a school broadband package that’s right for you – and at the best possible price!

Don’t worry about paying for things you won’t use. We offer different types of high-speed broadband connections to suit your school’s individual bandwidth requirements:

  • FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) – This is the most common type of school broadband connection in the UK. Fibre optic cables transmit data from your school broadband provider to the telephone cabinet in your area. The data is then delivered to your premises through copper wires (which aren’t as efficient as transmitting data).
  • EoFTTC (Ethernet over Fibre To The Cabinet) – This is where school broadband is provided by copper wires from the green cabinets to your premises. But unlike FTTC, it then uses ethernet fibre to the exchange, providing you with faster speeds.
  • FTTP (Fibre To The Premises) – This type of school broadband delivers data from your provider directly to your premises through a fibre optic cable (bypassing the telephone cabinet along the way!). It delivers much faster speeds than FTTC and EoFTTC, so you won’t suffer with slow downloads.
  • Dedicated leased lines – This gives you a connection where 100% of your bandwidth is dedicated to you! You’ll get speeds that are up to 10 times faster than FTTP, so it’s perfect for larger primary and secondary schools.

Schools rely on connected technologies more than ever, and internet interruptions can cause your school to grind to a halt. But with our additional backup connections, your school can stay online if there’s ever an unexpected outage.

Safety first.

Our broadband for schools has been designed with safety in mind. We can provide you with industry leading web filtering from Netsweeper or Smoothwall. They both comply with the KCSIE guidelines, as well as  Prevent Duty, Internet Watch and national standards.

We also offer proactive monitoring powered by Netsweeper and Senso to add another layer of digital safeguarding for your pupils. You can monitor online behaviour on your network, and receive alerts when a student becomes a high risk of harm.

We’re here to help.

Once you decide to switch to Coconnect, you’ll work with a dedicated service delivery coordinator and installation engineer, so your switchover is as seamless as possible.

After you’ve switched, you’ll get direct access to our Portsmouth-based service desk. You’ll get straight through to one of our friendly top-level engineers, so you won’t get passed from pillar to post. We’re open Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm (unless it’s a bank holiday when we’ll be at home with our feet up!). Don’t worry though, we still maintain and monitor our systems outside of these hours so we can keep on top of things.

We proactively monitor our systems and networks, so if something goes wrong we usually find and fix it before it’s a problem. But if something does happen, then we’re ready to help. You can easily log any problems through our online portal, or just give us a call or email.

Trusted by over 400 schools.

Coconnect started in 2018 after being born from Novatech (a business with over 35 years’ experience as a highly rated technology supplier). Our team has decades of experience in the IT and school IT sectors, and we’ve worked with schools for many years to understand their educational needs. We know schools have time and budget restraints which challenge their school broadband providers. Because of this, our packages can be tailored, simply managed, and grow with you as your school or MAT grows.

We’ve come a long way since we started. We’re proud to deliver exceptional services to our customers, which is why over 400 schools in the UK trust us to connect and protect them.

Let’s get together.

If you’re looking to switch broadband providers for your school or MAT, we can help! Get in touch with us today and we can talk things through together.

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