BETT 2022 – 23rd-25th March

BETT 2022 was an excellent success for Coconnect. Find out about how we found the show:

We thought it was a good idea to write a quick blog about BETT. We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who came to see us at BETT. The Coconnect team had a fantastic time showcasing our services and capabilities and catching up with familiar faces.

BETT 2022 The Build Begins- Tuesday

After a few hours of braving the van queue, we managed to get inside and start building our stand. For the backdrop, we used BETT partner GES, so it was great to see our stand already built when we arrived. On the first day at BETT , we still had to work to do, building our counters, furniture and setting up our filtering demo systems using Netsweeper, Smoothwall and our VoIP phone system. 7:30 pm, we were ready.

BETT 2022 Day 1

BETT 2022 Day 2

Day 2 at BETT was the longest day starting at 10:00 and finishing at 8:00. On day 2, our freebies coffee mugs, pens, sweets were flying out along with printed copies of our FREE School Broadband guide for governors, with many Schools governors showing interest. Download your FREE copy here.

BETT 2022 day 3
BETT 2022 set up

BETT 2022 show opens – from Wednesday to Friday

BETT 2022 started at 10:00 am on Wednesday; Wednesday was the international day. It was an insightful and exciting opportunity to speak with teachers and educational businesses from all around the globe who came to attend on the first day.

BETT 2022 set up

BETT 2022 Day 3

Friday was the last day at BETT 2022; although it was the quietest, we managed to speak to many school leaders, and IT teams about our broadband and other services and the last of our freebies just disappeared from our hands. BETT 2022 finished at 5:00 on Friday and once we packed the van up, BETT was finished till next year.

Once again, thanks to everyone who came to our stand; we loved showing our services and capabilities.

If you did not get the chance to meet us at BETT, find out more about our broadband solutions on our website or book a meeting, we will be happy to have an honest conversation about how we can provide services for your school.

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