Cyber Security is an essential tool in safeguarding children
cyber security

We sat down with Mathew Setchell, the IT Services Lead for Lourdes IT, to discuss why Cyber Security is essential in safeguarding children in Schools. Here are the key takeaways:

Lourdes IT is a part of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Multi Academy providing IT to the Academy and other schools outside of the trust, currently supporting 45+ Schools.

Why Cyber Security is essential for safeguarding students and data?

“Cyber Security is essential for schools. Because it is about keeping the children safe; it comes back to the first thing schools are inclined to do which is to keep children safe” Schools hold a lot of sensitive data, good cybersecurity protects that data and the school network from cyber-attacks.

What Strategies can schools adopt to protect from a cyber-attack?


Protect and implement security systems. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) stops attackers from being able to sign in and access information.


Block the access, removing systems that do not need to public-facing.


Making sure your school has a recovery plan. That you have a backup, and you know the ‘what, when and where of using it’.

What methods do cyber criminals use to attack?

“The biggest issue is getting user credentials, once they get credentials, they can access your systems. They usually use phishing methods to gain these credentials. What they do next may be encrypting the network, logging into someone’s email, or sending specific emails to the finance team.”

“The best way to protect yourself is implementing Multi-Factor Authentication. To log in you need credentials from 2 independent sources, like a password and a text message or authenticator code”.

What does recovery involve?

  • Hot backup is connected to your network taking regular backups.
  • Cold back up a backup which is not connected to your network, normally on a different site.

“Cyber criminals will target your backup too, encrypting your backup as well as your live system. The solution is to have a cold backup, disconnected from the network so it can’t be encrypted.”

What cybersecurity advice should teachers follow?

“Have an awareness of it, consider it in your thought process and pass on the skills you have been taught to the staff and students”.

Where does Coconnect fit?

  • We work with industry leaders, Smoothwall, Netsweeper, Senso, and ESET to deliver connectivity to schools with complete security, safeguarding, and reporting features.
  • The Coconnect network has layers of security and defence against a digital attack, including ransomware, DDoS, Virus and more.
  • We provide hot and cold remote backup facilities.
  • Industry-leading support, SLAs starting from 4 hours, and a support desk boasting over 99% positive customer feedback and 99% SLA resolution time.
  • A quick roll-out for filtering systems and firewalls ensures all devices are secure onsite and offsite quickly and hassle-free.

If you want to learn more please contact us here we will be happy to have a honest conversation around your schools cyber security needs.


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